2020 - Day 11

This day is simply worthy of awe and respect. This is the Sabbath, a sacred day, set aside by God himself for rest.

The Hebrew word sabbath literally means “to cease.” Just as God “ceased” from His creation work, we too are to “cease” from our day-to-day occupations and refocus on what’s really important. It’s a day to push the reset button. Taking a Sabbath rest is an act of faith; it’s a reminder that no matter what we do, God is in control. When we cease from pursuing our material goals for one day each week, we’re saying, “God, I trust You to maintain control while I spend this day focusing on You. I trust You to provide for my needs seven days a week even if I only work for six of them. Regardless of how much money I could earn today, or how much remains on my to-do list from last week, today I’m going to rest my mind and body and bask in Your presence.” The more we work, the less we focus on God.  The more we are distracted, the less we acknowledge God.  We are created to be in His presence and be at rest in order to continue to understand our purpose.

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