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Wherever You Focus Is Where You Will Land

Are you going through your life, and although everything else around you seems clear, but when it comes to the things you truly want for your life… Your unclear?

I’ll never forget how I learned that I would need eyeglasses. One day, while working in the studio of our ministries radio station, as I was looking at one of the monitors, everything on the screen became extremely blurry. So immediately, I thought I needed a new monitor for the computer. I hoped in the car, and bought a brand new, top of the line screen.

Of course, because it was a new toy, I hurried back to the studio to hook it up. I removed the old screen and set it to the side and replaced it, and with great anticipation, I was ready to get busy. But when the screen came on…. It was blurry too! I was baffled.

Now, mind you, I was in my early thirties, and never had problems with my vision. As I recalled, I was told I had at one time near perfect vision and wouldn't probably need glasses until I was in my sixties. Also, so I thought, everything around me was in focus. I could see everything clearly. I could drive, read things on the wall, and I thought everything was fine.

Frustrated, I went home and sat down to read, only to find that the words in the book were blurry. It was at that point, I find out, there wasn't anything broke…. It was me. I needed reading glasses!

Today is a great day to humble yourself, and admit to yourself…. (like I had too)… It’s not everything else nor anyone else in my life thats broken … It just may be me.

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