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You Deserve It!

I praise you oh Lord for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14

1. You've got to care as much about yourself as you do others

2. Maintain your boundaries

3. you need to know what you are and are not going to tolerate.

Why? So Glad you asked... Because

  • you deserve to be listened to ;

  • you deserve to get some sympathy when you're hurt;

  • you deserve being celebrated when you succeed ;

  • you deserve receiving love and tenderness without asking for it;

  • you you deserve to be cared for and know you can rely on somebody ,

  • and whatever is important to you ... IT IS IMPORTANT!

The truth of the matter is just because other people don't think you are important

doesn't mean that your thoughts and your opinions are not important

Just because they don't see the worth and value in you does not mean that you're worthless.

You need to know, and be confident that you are beautifully and wonderfully.

made and when God made you he broke the mold.

He made the best you he ever made! Don't allow anybody to tell you

that you're worthless because He gave His only begotten son for you because you are worth more!

Thank you for continued prayers and financial support of this ministry!

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