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Taste of Buffalo returns this July

Get ready to eat your way through the city’s biggest largest food festival, as the Taste of Buffalo returns this July.

“This year we’re just really happy to plan a normal event and bring everybody back down,” said Luke Baecker, the 2022 Taste of Buffalo Chairman. “The Taste has always been about bringing the community together to share good food, food times and celebrating the city that we love.”

The festival won’t have as many of the restaurants that they had in the past, due to the restaurant community suffering from pandemic times. However, they will be welcoming 11 new vendors.

For some vendors, like Linda Lund’s Babcia’s Piergos, this will be the first year attending the city tradition in full swing. She’s excited to see what it’s like post-pandemic.

“Just to be back in full swing events, to be out there and to see all the people.” Lund said, “There’s always people there that you know and you can reconnect. It’s just an awesome event and we are really looking forward to it.”

Not only will the tradition highlight restaurants around Buffalo, but they want to bring the community during a time of healing.

Tops and The Taste of Buffalo are supporting the Buffalo 5/14 Survivors Fund by having heart shaped QR placed all throughout the festival.

“It gives everybody to come down to the event the ability to just pull out their phones, scan their phone and make that donation,” Baecker said. “That’s what we’re hoping people will do, to help everybody out. We’re the City of Good Neighbors, hopefully we can continue that trend.”

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